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A Case of Hearts
       Carol Matthews has experienced more that her fair share of loss in her twenty-seven years. After the eath of her beloved older brother, the responsibility of raising his son - four-year-old Jeff - is the only thing that keeps her going.
       Just when life begins to return to something called normal, the fear of  losing Jeff sends Carol's world into chaos.  Jeff's rich and well-connected grandparents petition for Jeff's custody, leaving Carol in search of an experienced lawyer.
       Attorney Donovan Delaney's own trouble with  the law has left his career in shambles. With resources low and no new clients in the wings, things llok desperate until Carol Matthews walk throughhis door. Carol's case could be the second chance he needs to restore his professional reputation.
       With not only Jeff's future at stake, Carol and Donovan fight their undeniable attraction to each other to focus on what's really important.  Can Carol willingly open her hart to another ossible loss? Will Donovan risk the career of his dreams? If winning means success, what will be the cost.?
A story of Family, Frinedship and LOVE!
She Promised Her Heart
      Two people, one flight. Their lives will never be the same.

       How long should your heart keep a promise?
      When Dr. Isabelle Kelly is offered a  first class plane ticket from a fellow passenger, how could she know that this meeting would find the two women's lives so intertwined?
       Isabelle is still in love with an Air Force Captain that she promised her heart to before he left for  his second tour of duty in Vietnam. When he didn't return, even forty years later she continues to keep her promise.

       How many broken promises can you forgive?
      Jillian is disappointed once again when her fiance'  puts business before her. Her intention is to return her fiance's first cass ticket for a refund, when she overhears a passenger trying to find a seat on the same plane. In a move to seek retaliation against his broken promise, she offes the ticket to Dr. Kelly.
      Neither knew as seatmates how their lives would intertwine. The past will come to haunt and preserve their futures.

This novel is an amazing love story...about never letting go...and never settling...